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Innovation Channel

Canal Innovación


Environmental Indicators


Thanks to environmental indicators, Sacyr evaluates and improves environmental performance and compliance with established objectives

Responsible Consumption and resource optimization

Consumo responsable

One of Sacyr's priorities in each of its activities is to reduce the resources consumption through the use of recycled and / or recyclable products. 

For further information, consult the Integrated Annual Report 2016 (4.4. Natural Resources and Environment) 

Efficient use of water

Gestión eficiente

Efficient water management is a vital issue for achieving sustainable development. Sacyr, aware of the value of this resource, continues to move towards an increasingly sustainable management of it. Therefore, in all the activities Sacyr develops, it seeks solutions that optimize water consumption, in addition to prioritizing water reuse and recycled water consumption. 

For further information, consult the Integrated Annual Report 2016 (4.2 Water)  

Waste Management

Gestión de residuos

Another of Sacyr's priorities in each of its developing activities is to minimize and improve the management of waste generated by applying appropriate measures for the reduction, recovery and recycling of waste, ensuring the correct disposal of non-recoverable. The main routes of work in this area are aimed to achieve the best environmental result. To this end, the order of priority for waste prevention and management is as follows: prevention, preparation for reuse, recycling, other types of recovery (including energy recovery) and, finally, disposal.

For further information, consult the Integrated Annual Report 2016 (4.4 Natural Resources and Environment) 

Energy Efficient Consumption

Consumo eficiente

The energy consumption is closely related to the different processes associated with the activities developed within Sacyr. In general, this consumption is linked to the operation of the vehicle pool, auxiliary equipment, lighting, thermal conditioning of buildings and installations. 

The companies that make up Sacyr and within the framework of the basic principles that govern their environmental policy, design and implement specific actions aimed at reducing energy dependence and contribute to the fight against climate change and pollution. 

For further information, consult the Integrated Annual Report 2016 (4.1 Climate Change – Energy Efficiency) 

Protection of Biodiversity and the Environment


Respect for the environment is a key value for Sacyr, so the strategic work lines to manage biodiversity is to avoid its affection and, when it is not possible, to study and implement the most appropriate measures for each scenario, depending on the type of protection that is necessary to provide and the activity that is being implemented, which minimize the impact of the developed activity.

For further information, consult the Integrated Annual Report 2016 (4.3 Biodiversity) 

Climate Change


Sacyr is aware of the importance of climate change in the 21st century and its commitment to it is manifested through the basic principles governing its environmental policy, committed to saving energy and controlling atmospheric emissions. The main pillars in Sacyr climate strategy are: 

• Encourage energy savings and adopt energy efficiency measures. 

• Promote the use of renewable energy. 

• Contribute to the conservation of natural carbon sinks. 

• Develop research projects and technological innovation. 

• Raise awareness through outreach, training and awareness-raising initiatives. 

Sacyr is advancing in its commitment against climate change, that is why in 2019 it has been undertaken the emissions verification according to standard ISAE 3410 “Assurance Engagements on Greenhouse Gas Statements”, defined in its internal practice.

For further information, consult the Integrated Annual Report 2016 (4.1 Climate Change – Energy Efficiency)

Environmental Awareness


Environmental Awareness

Sensibilización ambiental

At Sacyr, one of the key factors in the development of its activities is human capital. That is why environmental awareness is one of the pillars of Sacyr's strategy. Through a combination of didactic means, we make known to our workers and partners the possible implications of their activities on the environment, with the primary objective of enhancing their environmental awareness and promoting actions that are more respectful to the environment.

PTo this end, Sacyr has prepared and outreached 22 Manuals of Good Environmental Practices for the different activities of the Group, aimed at minimizing the effects on the natural environment, efficiency in the use of resources, application of hierarchy in management Of waste, promoting energy savings.

Some of them have also been translated into English, due to the globalization of Sacyr's activities. In addition, the particular centers needs and the staff located in them are satisfied with external and internal training related to the activities being carried out, with the ultimate aim of optimizing the quality of the units and services provided, as well as minimizing Potential environmental impacts of such activities.