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Outstanding Projects

Proyectos Destacados

A proven track record in the management and construction of complex infrastructure projects is one of the hallmarks of Sacyr. The need to look beyond Spain is especially evident in the areas of Construction, Concessions and Services. The Panama Canal, the Las Pedrizas motorway in Malaga and the desalination plant in Perth, Australia, symbolise Sacyr’s technical capacity and expertise.

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1- N6 Ireland
2- Valle del Desierto_Chile
3- Pedemontana
4- Rumichaca-Pasto Highway
5- Américo Vespucio Oriente I Highway (Chile)

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Sacyr Concessions

Year: 2019

Sacyr Concessions is a leading company in developing infrastructure that connects and takes care of people. It operates in 10 countries in Europe and Latin America and has a diversified asset backlog that generates value.

The success of the Sacyr Concessions’ formula has enabled the company to double the backlog of future revenues in just four years and reach 28.4 billion euros.

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Greenfield Projects

Sacyr specializes in greenfield projects, in which it is involved in all stages of the project: market analysis, bidding, construction, operation, financial strategy and asset rotation.

The success of this model is reflected in the bids won, with a 36% success rate. According to the prestigious journal Public Works Financing, Sacyr Concessions has become the fourth developer of greenfield projects in the world.

Pedemontana highway - Veneta (Italy)

A strategic asset of national significance which is part of the main European TEN-T that will connect 34 municipalities and the industrial area of Vicenza and Treviso. With an up-front investment of 2.258 billion euros, it requires the construction of 162 km: 94 km of road; and 68 km of secondary accesses. It will have two tunnels: Malo Tunnel (6 km) and S. Urbano Tunnel (1.5 km) and eight viaducts.

Rumichaca-Pasto Highway (Colombia)

It will become the solution to mobility on the border between Colombia and Ecuador and the southwest of Colombia. The connectivity of the region will increase with the construction of 78 km of dual carriageway from Rumichaca to Catambuco, and 5 km of improvements on the Catambuco - Pasto section. It includes the construction of six viaducts and an elevated roundabout in the town of El Pedregal.

Américo Vespucio Oriente I Highway (Chile)

This urban highway in Santiago de Chile is one of the largest and most relevant projects under construction in Chile. Its 9.1 kilometers will considerably reduce travel times and will benefit 750,000 people in the city between El Salto and Príncipe de Gales avenues. The size of the project requires the construction of four tunnels and a 1.2-km viaduct.

1- Nos transformamos
2- Desafios cumplidos
3- Arquitectura de marca

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Introducing our new corporate identity

Year: 2018

Sacyr has been transformed internally, and now also from the outside, with a solid image that reflects the legacy of over 30 years of history and which represents what it is today and that projects it into the future. The design reflects such transformation through a twist in the shape and a change of color in each of the letters of the logo. 

The brand architecture serves this purpose, which makes Sacyr companies a Group with a single common goal.

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Challenges. Success

Challenges Success, the new corporate tagline, reflects Sacyr's positioning: we provide a solution for each challenge. Sacyr is a global group committed to meeting any challenge to transform society, with hard work and passion in improving infrastructure and services for citizens. Talent at the service of progress.

For us, challenges met means know-how, experience and work well done. The result benefits the whole of society: customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole.

Brand architecture

The brand architecture serves this purpose; which makes Sacyr companies a Group with a single common goal.

Sacyr Construcción becomes Sacyr Engineering and Infrastructures, with the aim of reflecting the set of activities it carries out and the added value it provides. 

The Services activity maintains the Valoriza Servicios brand in Spain and will become Sacyr Services in international markets. Sacyr Industrial and Sacyr Concessions complete the second level of brand architecture.

1-  Asturias Hospital
2-  Braga Hospital
3-  Parla Hospital
4-  Antofagasta Hospital

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Experience in hospitals projects

Year: 2018

Sacyr's experience in the construction, management and maintenance of hospitals guarantees the highest quality standards in its buildings, which are sustainable, efficient and accessible to users. With more than 60 hospitals and health centers built or renovated in Spain, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Angola and Cape Verde with more than 9,000 beds and an investment of more than 3.2 billion euros.

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Sacyr Concesiones: Hospital management

Sacyr Concesiones manages seven hospitals in Spain, Portugal and Chile, which adds up to 2,263 beds and which serve a population of around 3 million inhabitants. The newly opened Antofagasta hospital in Chile is the largest in the country with a total of 671 beds. In Mexico City Sacyr Concesiones is designing - for its subsequent construction, equipment and maintenance - the Regional Sur Hospital over 25 years, which will have 250 beds and will serve more than 1.3 million users. The constant improvement in the management of the hospital centers has earned Sacyr the EDP award for Electric Power and Environment for the Hospital de Braga (Portugal) energy efficiency project.

Valoriza Facilities: leader in non-health services

Valoriza Facilities is one of the leading companies in Spain in providing non-health services in hospitals and health centers such as cleaning, maintenance of facilities, energy services, catering and auxiliary services. With a backlog of 26 hospitals totaling almost 5,800 beds, 284 health and specialty centers. Additionally, it carries out the comprehensive management of non-health services in the hospitals of Sacyr Concesiones in Spain, Portugal and Chile, serving more than one million people. Sacyr's subsidiary was the first Spanish company to obtain the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in the comprehensive management of non-health hospital services. It also has the OSHAS 18001: 2007 certificate and the UNE 166002 R&D+i Management System, among others

Antofagasta Hospital (Chile)

The design, construction and management of the Antofagasta Hospital in Chile are benchmarks of safety and innovation thanks to the built-in safety measures that make it the reference point for patient care throughout the northern area of Chile (800,000 users). In 2013 the improvements in its design won the "Healthcare Deal of the Year" prize, awarded by the British magazine "World Finance". Among the improvements, seismic isolation was incorporated throughout the hospital and building was carried at 30 m above sea-level — the safety level in the event of a tsunami — which would allow the hospital to operate autonomously in the event of natural disasters.

1- Tratamiento residuos
2 Tecnologia propia
3 Innovación en VSM
4 Plantas en operacion

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Waste management

Year: 2017

Valoriza Environmental Services processes urban waste of more than 5.4 million people of about 100 municipalities in Spain and Portugal. Every year, around 3.1 million tons of waste are processed through its plants. These figures support Valoriza's extensive experience in this activity, in which the company values every link in the chain. It carries out the recycling and composting of organic waste, plastics, packaging and tires, energy utilization of organic fractions, biomethanization, environmental remediation and energy recovery of waste.

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Own technology of Valoriza

Valoriza has its own technology to carry out a more efficient and sustainable management of waste. It combines mechanical classification and biological treatment of organic waste, without polluting emissions, and produces compost from waste. This guarantees excellence in service and care of the environment..

Innovation in Valoriza Environmental Services

Innovation is a key part of Valoriza's Environmental Services activity.

As a result of the company's R&D+i projects, products such as the new industrial additive based on the use of pneumatic powder for bituminous binders by means of the "semi-humid" route are born; the line of recyclable materials of the composted organic fraction to improve its recovery; bituminous additives roads with a comprehensive perspective (safety-efficiency-control); removal of leachate by direct floating evaporation by submerged combustion of biogas, etc.

Plants in operation in Valoriza

Valoriza has about fifty plants in operation, among which the following stand out: the Biological Mechanical Treatment (TMB) of urban waste in Arráiz (Bilbao), which receives up to 180,000 tons per year; the Hornillos (Valencia) MSW treatment and recovery plant, with a capacity of 400,000 tons per year; and the comprehensive MSW valorization center of the Maresme region (Barcelona), which processes 190,000 tons per year. Valoriza is currently building the organic and biological waste treatment plant at Dandenong South (Melbourne, Australia) which will be able to process 100,000 tons per year.

1- Sociedad anónima de caminos y regadios
2 Expansión internacional
3 Diversificación empresarial
4 Consolidación de Sacyr

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Sacyr 30 years

Year: 2016

Sacyr is founded under the name “Sociedad Anónima de Caminos y Regadíos” in 1986 thanks to the initiative of a small group of professionals with broad experience and their clients' trust.

During the first five years, Sacyr grew continuously with activity concentrated on public works projects, until the company's consolidation in 1990, when it was awarded a large contract in the highway Alhama-Puerto Lumbreras.

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International expansion

In the mid 1990's, Spanish companies began to operate abroad. Thus it was in 1996 that Sacyr was awarded the concession of the highway Los Vilos-La Serena, which created in turn the company Sacyr Chile. 

Diversification of activities

In the new millennium, Sacyr's position among Spanish construction companies was consolidated; it completed significant projects both in Spain and abroad, and it made progress in the diversification of activities by promoting the synergy among the Group's business areas: construction, concessions and services, to which was added promotional and property activities after the merger with Vallehermoso in 2003.

Sacyr's consolidation

The last decade witnessed Sacyr's consolidation as a construction company at the international level. With presence on five continents, Sacyr Group is able to carry out complex infrastructure and service projects that contribute to improve citizens' quality of life. Some examples of this are: the third set of locks on the Panama Canal, the desalination plant in Perth, Australia, the hospital in Antofagasta, Chile, and the refinery in La Pampilla, Perú, among others.

2-Chile: Concepción-Cabrero
3-Chile: Costanera
4-Chile: Algarrobo
5-Chile: iquique
5-Chile: iquique

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20 years of Sacyr in Chile

Year: 2016

Sacyr has been in Chile now for 20 years. In 1996 it won the first contract to build and operate Los Vilos-La Serena highway, in early days of the Concessions System, a contracting modality or private sharing in the procurement of basic service infrastructures via a public-private partnership (PPP).

Since then it has invested close to 6.5 billion dollars in 13 concession projects totaling more than 1,300 kilometers of highway, as well as the construction of other hospital, hydraulic, mining infrastructures, buildings, etc. 

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Sacyr Concesiones

Sacyr Concesiones manages 680 km of highways in 4 road concessions with very high security standards for traffic and road safety. As well as 2 other highway projects in progress which amount to almost 100 kilometers (Américo Vespucio Oriente and La Serena – Ovalle) and the Antofagasta hospital.

Valoriza Conservación de Infraestructuras

Our subsidiary SAOPSE, which is part of Valoriza Conservación de Infraestructuras, provides engineering and development services in toll management, carries out the conservation, maintenance and exploitation of almost 2,000 kilometers of Chilean highways and roads belonging to private and public clients.

Sacyr Construcción

Over these 20 years of presence in Chile, Sacyr Construcción has executed 13 highway projects from Iquique to Puerto Montt, works of Santiago Centro Oriente, a hospital and the construction of over 1,300 km of highways, over 40% of the highways built in Chile since 1996.

Sacyr’s commitment

Sacyr’s commitment to Chile over these 20 years has been permanent and transversal through the provision of infrastructures, the development of which has brought growth, competitiveness and improved quality of life for its inhabitants.

All the above with a firm long term commitment. It also carries out important R&D&I projects such as the installation of a test section with recycled asphalt mixes, and the treatment of acid water in mining, as well as the upcoming creation of the Sacyr Awards for Innovation in Chile. To recognize this commitment, the president of Sacyr was presented in 2015 with the award of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Chile.

Antofagasta Hospital

The Hospital in Antofagasta will be one of the largest in the country with 671 beds (114,000 m2) benefiting a population of 260,000 people. Sacyr executed a safe and sustainable architectural Project which guarantees the operation of the hospital in the face of potential earthquakes and tidal waves, having designed the building above 30 water mark (the tsunami evacuation line) and the entire structure was built on seismic insulators.

The prestigious World Finance magazine names the hospital project as Deal of the Year in November 2013.


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Security and Prevention

Year: 2016

We are a group that is firmly committed to providing all our collaborators with a safe and healthy work environment, to which end we are constantly updating occupational hazard risk measures, fully complying with the applicable regulations in this matter, as well as further expanding our demanding requirements.

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Certificate OHSAS 18.001

At Sacyr we work to a Health and Management Safety System that has been certified by means of the OHSAS 18.001 Standard: the main international health and safety benchmark.

R&D&I Projects

We implement R&D&I projects that are certified by the Spanish Innovation Accreditation Agency to improve occupational health and safety conditions: increasing soundproofing at a keystone plant, detection and alarms to avoid accidents at building sites, I-Safe project, simulator to operate winter highway machinery, development of the Presyv computer program, development of recycled materials hardened with full emulsion rate, odor treatment in industrial processes and water treatment, among a host of others.

National and international awards

Indeed, the winning of prestigious national and international awards has further strengthened our resolve to keep improving safety: 

• National 2015 Award from the Alares Foundation for Occupational Health and Safety Excellence 

• 2014 ACEX Prize for the I-safe Project 

• 2014 Recognition from Hyder Consulting Middle East Limited (Qatar) 

• 2014 ACEX Prize for the Winter Highway Simulator 

• Mutual de Seguridad (CChC) in Chile for the Certified Business Program in the Excellence Model (PEC) 

• Honor Roll in the Four Star Category from the Chilean Building Chamber for Excellence in Prevention Indicators in 2013 

• ASEPEYO in 2012 for the Best Prevention Practices 

• 2011 REN Award in Portugal for safety at MHV substations

We boost healthy habits

Aware as we are of the importance of the good health of our collaborators, we implement and promote measures that encourage healthy habits in the workplace and outside it: external and internal training, Sacyr Sports Club, Havisa Plan (Spain), the “Make sure they see you” campaign (Chile), among others.

Presentación Visión Estratégica 2015-2020
Folleto Visión Estratégica
Mensaje Presidente Visión Estratégica
Vídeo corporativo sacyr V_Estrategica 2015-2020
Presentación Presidente Visión estratégica 2015-2020

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Strategic Vision 2015-2020 presentation

Year: 2015

Sacyr has renewed its strategic vision through to 2020, with a particular focus on the infrastructure, concessions, industrial and services businesses and informed by our revised mission, vision and values.

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Strategic vision 2015-2020 brochure

In 2015, our company is being guided by a new strategic vision that will make us a more robust and profitable group in the medium to long term. Once again we can count on our outstanding professional team in this new stage. Because Sacyr progresses every day thanks to its hard work and ideas.

Strategic Vision Presentation AGM

Presentation by Manuel Manrique, Chairman of Sacyr, of the Strategic Vision at the 2015 General Shareholders' Meeting.

Sacyr 2015 Corporate video

Presentation by chairman of strategic vision PR

Presentation by Manuel Manrique, Chairman of Sacyr, of the Strategic Vision at the Results Presentation for the First Half of 2015.

Panorámica del Canal de Panamá Pacífico
Panorámica Canal de Panamá Atlántico
Canal de Panamá pasillo Hormigón
Compuertas Canal de Panamá

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Third set of locks for the Panama Canal

Year: 2014

Third set of locks for the Panama Canal: the biggest engineering project in the world in terms of technical and technological complexity. The new lock chambers will be 427 metres long, 55 metres wide and 18.3 metres deep and will allow the passage of Post-Panamax vessels.

More info: GUPC

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Expansion of the Panama Canal

The expansion of the Panama Canal will allow the passage of triple E class ships, which will have a positive impact on the international logistics industry. In response, the ports of the United States and Portugal are investing in changes to their logistics platforms in order to receive Post-Panamax ships. 

The concrete in the new locks

The concrete used is of an excellent quality and widely surpasses the project's margins, with a 100-year service life. Almost 5 million m3 of concrete will be used in the new locks: equivalent to 50 Sacyr Towers (236 metres). 

World record for the largest concrete pour: 170,000 m3 of concrete a month, equivalent to what would be used in 2 “Sacyr Towers” of 236 metres.

Water use savings

The new gates will reuse 60% of the water in each lock (7% less water in each crossing): this saving will allow the crossing of 2 additional ships a day.

Abrera desalination plant
Binningup plant
Desalinated water
Ashdod desalination plant
Skikda desalination plant

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Year: 2014

Valoriza Agua is the eighth largest company in the world in terms of contracted capacity of desalinated water for the 2006-2016 period : it has designed and built more than 100 installations with a total production of 2.15 million m3/day; this desalinated water serves 14 million people a day.

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Reduced impact of brine discharge in the sea

Reduced impact of brine waste in the sea and in inland plants: in the Binningup plant (Australia) a system of microtunnels has been created beneath the dunes, using pipes to channel the waste from the plant to the sea. An R+D project was carried out in Spain to find brine waste solutions for inland plants, including recovery of chemical products and brine salts and a study of the dispersion and discharge of brine waste.

Desalinated water

Use of desalinated water for high-yield agriculture in the provinces of Alicante, Murcia and Almeria, with an approximate irrigation capacity of 16,000 hectares. We have developed a research project on the use of desalination in agriculture in Australia.

Ashdod desalination plant

The Ashdod desalination plant in Israel will be one of the biggest in the country , producing 100 hm3 of desalinated water a year. Its reverse osmosis technology will provide irrigation and supply 2 million people in the Eilat-Aravá region.

Energy reduction

Energy reduction in the plants, incorporating the latest energy recovery systems, hybrid/split membrane systems, the use of renewable energies, and coupling of direct ultrafiltration with reverse osmosis.

Barbanza Motorway
Puente Pumarejo
Arlanzón Motorway
Thermal segregations
Las Pedrizas motorway
Talavera de la Reina ring road
Los Carneros by-pass
Salerno Reggio Calabria motorway

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Year: 2016

Sacyr has built roads and fast tracks for more than 16 billion euros. More than 3,300 km, more than 64 km of tunnels and more than 107 km of viaducts projects in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and India. It has 3,600 km of motorway concession and the preservation of more than 4,000 km of roads. The group is 7th on the ranking of transport infrastructure contract managers in the world of Public Works Financing (PWF) with 24 motorways contracted in seven countries.

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The Pumarejo Bridge

The Pumarejo Bridge in Barranquilla will be the longest bridge of Colombia, with an extension of 2.28 km. This bridge will be a cable-stayed bridge and will span 380 meters between the 80 meter-high pylons, the deck will be 38.1 meters wide in the cable-stayed section and 35.1 meters wide in the access sections; the clearance gauge for the passage of vessels will be 45 meters.

New technologies using recycled materials

Sacyr has developed the technology necessary to create asphalt mixes using recycled material at less than 100ºC, which will be used for maintaining and re-surfacing the motorways and will have a lower environmental impact. A European project is also being developed to make this viable in city streets.

New thermography techniques

A research project by Sacyr has given rise to a change in the national regulations on thermal segregations to make road surfaces more durable using infra-red thermography techniques and mobile transfer silos.

Las Pedrizas Motorway

Las Pedrizas Motorway. Given the high complexity of construction due to the relief of the land, 29% of the 28 kilometre route consists of viaducts and tunnels. Construction of embankment using large, chopped scrap tyres, based on an R+D+i project (to find out if it was technically and economically viable to build lightweight embankments using this type of waste).

Talavera de la Reina ring road

Talavera de la Reina ring road (Toledo). Its suspension bridge is notable for the innovation that has been applied in the deepest foundations (56 piles with depths of 2,500 mm and 33 m, capable of transferring a 110,000 ton load to the earth) ever made in Spain, with a single sloping 192 m high pile to support a 318 m span with concrete deck (deemed to be a world record in this type of bridges) and the installation of the second longest stay cables in Europe (408 m).

Talavera de la Reina ring road

Los Carneros by-pass

Los Carneros by-pass of the N-430 in Badajoz. Includes a unique 561 metre long viaduct for crossing the Guadiana River (99+132+132+110+88 m). To adapt this type of deck to the complex construction process, some auxiliary metal structures were installed due to the limited space available.

Salerno – Reggio Calabria Motorway

Salerno – Reggio Calabria Motorway (Italy). 31 kilometre section that, due to the complex relief of the land, requires the building of 38 viaducts (total of 12.2 km) 11 double tunnels (pipe length of 15.3 km) and 8 double cut-and-cover tunnels (2.2 km).

Galicia High-Speed rail
Tunnel between Sants and Sagrera
Barcelona Sagrada Familia

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Year: 2014

The execution of over 400 kilometres of high-speed rail (40 km using a tunnelling machine and 35 km of conventional tunnel) for an overall sum of more than 3 billion euros makes Sacyr an international expert capable of overcoming such major construction challenges as the urban tunnel between Sants and Sagrera in Barcelona.

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Tunnel between Sants and Sagrera (Barcelona)

5.9 kilometre tunnel in Barcelona between the Sants and Sagrera train stations: the longest urban tunnel in Europe. Highly complex construction due to its proximity to La Sagrera and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, requiring significant measures to be taken to avoid any interaction between the drilling works and the structures of the monumental buildings. The project received the technical endorsement of national and international bodies and institutions; UNESCO’s expert panel concluded that the drilling works had been conducted in “a highly competent manner”.


Scancyr: 3D scanner developed by Sacyr for use in tunnels, to improve the control and execution of these works (motorway, railway and mines).

High-Speed rail research project

Based on a research project, two experimental sections in the High-Speed Rail to the French border were built using two types of bituminous sub-ballast (asphalt mixture), which entail lower maintenance costs for the rail structures and environmental improvements (lower use of natural waste, and lower emissions of noise and vibrations into the surroundings).

Obras singulares
Repsol Campus
Sacyr tower
Setas de Sevilla
Antofagasta Hospital
Terminal 4 Barajas Airport

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Unique buildings

Year: 2014

Sacyr introduces energy and construction sustainability in all its projects involving unique buildings: hospitals (construction or refurbishment works worth over 1.5 billion euros), refurbishment of historic buildings and markets, skyscrapers, hotels, office buildings, airport terminals, schools and prisons, among others.

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Repsol Campus (Madrid)

Repsol Campus (Madrid): one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe, built using recyclable and renewable materials: photovoltaic panels, a lighting system that emits minimum contamination, etc. It has been awarded the highest level of environmental certification, LEED NC Platinum.

Sacyr Tower (Madrid)

Sacyr Tower in Madrid (236 metres) is the third highest skyscraper in Spain: an example of energy savings and sustainability (it has the top energy rating according to the IDAE, Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings). Built in under four years, it involved a feat of management due to the building's dual use as both offices and hotel.

Setas de Sevilla (Sevilla)

Comprising six parasols shaped like giant mushrooms, the project includes archaeological remains, a food market, a plaza and all manner of bars and restaurants housed beneath and within the parasols, as well as a vantage point on the top. Designed as a lightweight wooden structure, the parasols rise above archaeological remains uncovered during construction and now stand out as a work of contemporary art. The columns create prominent access zones: The underground level houses the archaeological museum and the market is at street level, with the vantage point above, providing a fascinating connection between the old city and the modern one.

Antofagasta Hospital

Antofagasta Hospital will be the largest hospital in Chile, with a surface area of 114,000 m2: 671 beds, auditorium, heliport... The design and construction of this hospital requires special measures due to its high complexity: it is located in an area of high seismic activity and just 30 metres above sea level, which puts it at a high risk of flooding. It will serve more than 260,000 people.

Extension of Madrid Barajas airport

Terminal 4 - Barajas Airport (Madrid) Building comprising three parallel three-storey blocks with 228,000 m2 of built floor area and 242,000 m2 below ground. Sacyr built the Kalzip double-curvature aluminium roof, of 150,000 m2 (surface area comparable to 20 football fields).

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