Technology brings us closer to the care and well-being of the elderly

Sacyr Social has new projects based on home care assistance to keep an eye, check on and care for seniors

An increasingly aging population demands that we consider how we can pay more attention to the well-being of the elderly people who decide to live at home. For this reason, Sacyr Social innovates to offer a better, faster service to its users, by optimizing operations through new technologies.

"We need a new approach to care, one that respects the wishes of the elders who wish to live at home, in their usual environment, and with the necessary support, enhancing new technologies and accessibility", explains Ana Benavent, Technical Director of Valoriza. 

Currently, the priority challenge is to define an inclusive and universal healthcare model for the future. 
To do so, it is necessary that we put our focus on: 

•    reinforcing HR - training, specialization and professionalization of our workers.
•    Health care coordination - with public bodies and local and primary healthcare providers.

"The keys to the well-being of elderly people are the ability to grow old healthy; self-care and home care", explains Benavent. 

According to the INE (National Statistics Institute of Spain)'s estimations, the group of people older than 65 years in Spain has doubled in less than 30 years.  By 2050, elderly people will be over 30% of the entire population in Spain (almost 13 million) and people in their 80s will be more than 4 million, which would represent more than 30% of the total elderly population.


Sacyr Social has multiple tech-heavy projects underway that would help achieve the well-being of the elderly.




Sacyr T- Cuida  

"Sacyr T-Cuida is an end-to-end solution for the care of elderly people that consists of the monitoring of users in their homes by using sensors, which creates an added value to the home care service, currently managed by the City of Coslada, Madrid. The T-Cuida service consists of an IoT solution that uses non-intrusive movement sensors placed in the homes of elderly people. These sensors help us identify behavioral patterns and detect abnormal or dangerous situations that may occur in their homes. Sacyr T-Cuida has a cloud platform that the home care service coordinators or family members can use to profile the users, analyze their behavior patterns, set alarms and more."


Sacyr HealthCare 

SacyrHealthCare, a service offered by Ever Health, is a telemedicine and helpline solution that streamlines and allows for better control of medical appointments in day care centers, achieving maximum efficiency by using data. SacyrCare is currently implemented in the Juan Pablo II Day Center (Madrid). This telematic system allows the day care center staff to conduct immediate medical consultations, improving the lifestyle of the elders.

    It has a telemedicine kit consisting of diagnostic devices for both patients and healthcare providers, which allows to provide telecare services.
    It has an unlimited medical service to health professionals through video consultation and chat, specializing in general medicine, nutrition and psychology and coaching.



Aimed at senior users who live in their own home or in a home care center. This establishes several communication channels:  

•    Individual messaging service that can be used on all devices. 
•    Video consultations: access to the medical staff via video communications, without downloads, from any device and in a completely safe way. 
•    Teleconsultations (Telemedicine Kit) Video consultation with diagnostic devices for both patients and health professionals. Skin lesions, vomiting, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, colds, pharyngitis, monitoring of chronic diseases such as COPD, DM, HBP as well as identification of warning signs and symptoms.

This service offers weekly consultations with a case manager, a protocol for control and monitoring of users and any alert would be referred to Ever Health's medical service.


"Cuidémonos" pilot project

This is a shared housing program that connects users of the home care service of the City of Bilbao and young people who live or wish to live in this city.

Sacyr Social, in collaboration with the platform kuvu, specialists in the management of intergenerational coexistence, will establish safe homesharing agreements with the aim of making elderly people less lonely. 

This initiative facilitates intergenerational learning processes and promotes the well-being of its participants.

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