Our aspiration is to become leaders in transportation, social and water infrastructure development

We will triple our asset valuation in 2033.

Invested equity 4.5 -
5 €Bn

Asset valuation 9 -
10 €Bn


Our vision

The three main pillars for the 2024-2027 cycle


Growth in P3 activities

We aim to fast-track our growth. So, we have created a new company, Voreantis, that will pool brownfield assets and where we will welcome a minority stake partner.

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Investment grade rating

We strive to achieve investment grade rating, guided by our strict financial discipline.

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New shareholder remuneration policy

Our shareholder remuneration policy will include the payment of at least €225 M in cash for the 2024-2027 period.

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Four construction workers wearing safety gear are working on a large grid of rebar at a construction site

Ambitious goals

Results steering our path to growth

€850M Operating Cash Flow by 2023

  • EBITDA IN 2023   1,500 M€
  • NET PROFIT IN 2023   153 M€

€1,350M Operating Cash Flow by 2027

Operating cash flow is the indicator that best reflects value generation at Sacyr.

  • EBITDA IN 2027   1,600 M€
  • NET PROFIT IN 2027   265 M€

A new single company structure with three integrated business activities creating synergies for our value creation strategy.

Sacyr Concesiones


Main priorities

  • Icon Roads
  • Icon Hospitals
  • Icon Airports
  • Icon Universities
  • Icon Rail
  • Low-demand risk assets and inflation linked revenues facilitating stable, predictable, and recurring cash generation.
  • We will seek larger project tender opportunities linked to traffic and with a special focus on assets with a solid traffic track-record. This type of projects offers higher profitability rates.
  • Greater portfolio focus on larger-scale projects.


  • 2023 220 M€

    Graphical view of the above data
  • 2024-2027 1,000 M€

    Graphical view of the above data


57 assets in 12 countries

Canada, United States, Colombia, Chile, United Kingdom, Spain e Italy
  • 2027 goal:
  • 50% English-speaking markets
  • 12% Europe
  • 38% LATAM


  • Analyzed €75 Bn
  • Expected contract awards €10 Bn

Sacyr Agua


Main priorities

  • Icon Integrated Water Cycles
  • Icon Plants
  • Icon O&M Contracts
  • Operation and maintenance P3 contracts.
  • Sustainable and innovative solutions.
  • Focus on profitability.

Financial goals

2027 GOALS




+100 facilities built


Colombia, Brasil, Chile, España, Egipto, Arabia Saudí y Australia
  • Investment 62 €Bn
  • Assets +73

Sacyr Engineering and Infrastructure


Main priorities

  • Icon Roads
  • Icon Airports
  • Icon Rail
  • Icon Hospitals
  • Icon Water
  • EPC projects with price adjustment mechanisms.
  • Selected clients with mitigated risk mechanisms.
  • Emphasis on profitability over volume.
  • Focus on joint projects with Sacyr Concesiones.

Financial goals PROFITABILITY

Graphical view of the above data 4,6% in 2023 and 5% in 2027

Portfolio in 2027

  • Sacyr Concesiones 70%
  • Other clients 30%

Priority countries

Canada, United States, Colombia, Chile, United Kingdom, Spain e Italy
  • 2027 GOAL:
  • 25% portfolio in English-speaking markets
Close-up of a person's eyes

Our pillars

Core principles guiding us in the 2024-2027 cycle


Growth in P3 activities

We will fast-track our growth in the P3 market focused on expanding activities in English-speaking markets.

We will create a company, called Voreantis, where we will incorporate a minority stake partner.

Company is expected to triple size by 2033 due to greater equity investment in new P3 projects.

  • 1 Brownfield projects
  • Grant entry to a strategic minority stake partner in a brownfield assets unit.
  • Increase in the number of projects. Low-risk platform.
    • - Generating resources for further growth
    • - Highlights asset value

Alliance  with a partner

  • 2 Co-investment
  • Jointly co-invest in brownfield, yellowfield, and occasionally greenfield assets
  • Engine for growth which will enhance the investment range
    • - Growth multiplier lever
    • - Larger and more profitable assets

Investment grade rating

We remain committed to achieving will an investment grade rating, thanks to our strict financial discipline.

A steadfast commitment to financial discipline allows us to make progress in our debt reduction process towards a positive net cash position.

Our focus is on maintaining an investment-grade credit rating. We will keep the recourse net debt by EBITDA plus P3 distributions ratio under 1x.

2024-2027 goal

Recourse net debt


Positive net cash position


New remuneration policy

Over the 2024-2027 period, the company will pay out at least €225 million in cash to shareholders

In recent years, the company has kept continual dividend growth.

A new shareholders’ remuneration policy aligned with the expected operating cash flow increase.

Consistent dividend yield growth from 4.0% to 4.9%

  • Scrip dividends
  • Forward contracts on Sacyr shares

Cash dividend

growing anually.



Sustainability at the core of our activity

Our 2021-2025 set our roadmap on our sustainability ambition, which was fulfilled well ahead of schedule thanks to company-wide collective efforts. Our aim is to continue to be a benchmark in sustainability, maximizing the positive impact on our stakeholders.

This is our Sacyr 24-27 Sustainable Route

  • Planet

    Continuity of the climate change strategy and validation of our 2050 net zero emissions target (SBTi).

    Continue to improve positive impact on natural resources.

  • People

    We are a benchmark in health and safety at work, and a leading employer for our commitment to diversity.

  • Prosperity

    Maximize our impact on the communities within our influence areas and promoting safer and more sustainable practices.

  • Governance

    Implementation of corporate governance commitments and international best practices.

Blurred motion of various people walking on a dimly lit indoor floor Silhouette of a large solar panel array at sunset Close-up view of a classical building with tall columns

Our aspiration: to become the world’s leading greenfield projects developer in 2033

Our strategic vision for the next ten years, will push Sacyr to develop its full potential to become the world’s leading greenfield project developer in 2033 by tripling the value of the current portfolio to the 9-10 €Bn range and invested equity to 4.5-5 €Bn

View report 2033


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