Efficient and sustainable lighting in parking facilities

By implementing the Smart Light project, we bring the Iohnic lighting system to parking facilities, a solution that maximizes energy efficiency and saving thanks to its reduced cost and longer product life.

Sacyr has developed an innovative design for a lighting system in tunnels that maximizes visibility when driving. It improves safety, saves energy and reduces emissions, which reinforces the company’s commitment to the environment. 

Based on the Iohnic technology, we have developed the Smart Light project, to implement it on parking faiclities. Some of its advantages: it is cost and energy efficient and has a longer life cycle than conventional lighting. These factors translate into a fast return of investment and maximizing cost savings.

Iohnic consists of a continuous strip of LED lighting devices, forming a line on each side of the tunnel, which gives a light uniformity of nearly 100%. This system does not cause the uncomfortable flashing light that conventional illumination does, enhancing eye comfort and improving road safety.

So far, this technology has been applied in tunnels. It is already installed in the AP-49 between Málaga and Las Pedrizas, in the south of Spain. Additionally, it is being deployed in Colombia (in five tunnels in Medellín and Cúcuta) and in Chile, in the Santiago de Chile beltway (Américo Vespucio Oriente tunnel).



Thanks to the changes in design, the solution is now ready to be implemented in parking facilities. More specifically, we are conducting a test run at the Park n’ Go in Ciudad Universitaria (Moncloa, Madrid).

Due to its patented design, the lighting can regulate the intensity of the light beam without using any lenses, which prevents efficiency loss and the extra cost associated to using optics. Moreover, diffuse coverage avoids dazzling the driver and improves light dispersion.

“We are implementing this technology in the Park n’ Go in Ciudad Universitaria. These lights save up to 86% compared to conventional lighting system, regarding power consumption”, explains Rubén Jover, Head of R+D+I at Sacyr Concesiones.

We can summarize in a few points the modifications done on Iohnic to extend its use on parking facilities while keeping the features and cost competitive.

Compared to conventional lighting, environment-wise, we have cut our consumption by 80%, as well as on materials, size and weight, optimizing transport and reducing maintenance costs due to the increase in the product’s life and separating components. These lights’ components can be completely recycled and reused.


How does it work?


Whenever the sensors pick up any movement, they increase the lighting level to the maximum in those particular areas, improving visibility without incurring in any unnecessary overspending.  

Specific lighting is activated whenever the sensors detect movement and activate the corresponding lights and turn them up to a 100%.

This solution includes a lighting level called “moon beam” that illuminates the entire parking facility with very little consumption.

The lights are powered by an independent source using an auxiliary system. This amount of light gives the users visibility and a greater sense of safety in the zones unaffected by the movement.

Since the lights are installed at a lower height, the angle of the light beam needs to be greater, as to not dazzle the driver. For that reason, the solution for parking facilities has opted for eliminating the lens and instead using an opaque glass. By eliminating part of the lens, we achieve a greater angle of the light beam and the lighting efficiency.

Due to its prolonged product life, the need to perform maintenance operations is reduced. Replacing components is very quick, as the different elements are screwed together.




Plaza Elíptica transportation hub


We are currently developing an innovative LED lighting system with a durable product life, that can be fitted into the current fixtures for the Plaza Elíptica transportation hub, managed in a P3 by Sacyr. These lights will be fitted with external rivers that can be accessed on foot by any member of the maintenance staff, which will drastically reduce its maintenance. Furthermore, it will generate notable energy savings by adapting smartly to exterior lighting conditions.

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