New 'Américo Vespucio Oriente I' highway (Chile) goes into operation

  • This project, managed by Sacyr Concesiones and Aleática, had an approximate investment of US$ 1,000 million.

The Sociedad Concesionaria Vespucio Oriente (Sacyr Concesiones and Aleática), has brought the new Américo Vespucio Oriente I (AVO I) highway, in Santiago de Chile (Chile) into operation.

This mega project, which spans little over nine kilometers, passes through five communes in Santiago, making it one of the largest infrastructure projects in Latin America.

This project provides a solution both to the growing traffic problem, and the lacking North-South connection in Santiago de Chile, decongesting a high-transit zone. AVO I reduces travel times, both noise and air pollution, and fuel consumption, as most of the traffic that would formerly run on the surface now does in a tunnel, and through the application of diverse construction methods.

The P3 has a maximum operation term of 45 years.


Gabriel Boric, President of Chile, inaugurated AVO I on July 23rd


Mileage-based user fees

Contrary to other urban highways, AVO I charges road users by their mileage, calculating the distance traveled, by identifying an entry and exit point into and out of the road through a TAG device, that is, a closed toll tariff fixed on distance.

The roadway has an estimated average daily traffic rate of 50,000 vehicles.

Américo Vespucio Oriente is one of the most relevant infrastructures in Chile and in Sacyr’s portfolio, with an approximate investment of US$ 1,000 million (€980 million) and a revenue portfolio worth more than US$4.3 billion (€4.2 million).


Sustainability and innovation

During construction, 70% of the materials from excavations (soil and rocks) were reutilized in the same project, and more than 1,300 tons of steel were recycled.

AVO I developed this highway as a sustainable infrastructure and is the only one in Chile operating 100% on green energy.

One of the most relevant milestones is the installation in tunnels of the Iohnic lighting system, a technology developed and registered under Sacyr, consisting of an innovative system based on LED tech, which allows to minimize power consumption and 100% uniform lighting. This system can reduce power consumption by 66%, or 153 tons of CO2 per year.

In turn, AVO I transformed Parque Vespucio, which spans from Vitacura commune to La Reina commune, by incorporating a 9 km bike lane, and spaces for leisure and sports.

Chile: strategic market

Chile is a priority market for Sacyr within the framework of its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. Sacyr has been present in Chile for the past 25 years, ever since it won its first contract to build and operate the Los Vilos-La Serena highway back in 1996. Ever since, Sacyr has invested more than US$7 billion in several projects through its three business divisions, which currently include the development, operation, and management of two airports and nine P3 road projects, which amount to more than 1,200 km of roads.

As for hospital infrastructure, it has won 7 hospital contracts, totaling more than 2,600 beds, and approximately 600,000 m2, including the Antofagasta and Buin-Paine hospitals (under a P3), and the Alto Hospicio, Biprovincial Quillota-Petorca, Villarrica, Sótero del Río and Cordillera hospitals.

Since 2020, Sacyr Concesiones Agua operates four integrated water cycle management companies in the Metropolitan region, and a water treatment company in Antofagasta, providing service to approximately 150,000 inhabitants.

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