Sacyr renews water footprint certification with AENOR

  • Sacyr is Water Positive thanks to its desalination facilities generating over 52,306 gallons (198 million cubic meters) of water per year, relieving areas with high water stress
  • Sacyr has a clear goal for 2025 to reduce its water footprint by 10%.

Sacyr renews its water footprint certification under the ISO 14046 standard. Conducted by AENOR, this certification ratifies the information, data, and results in the company’s assessment report. 

Back in 2022, Sacyr was the first international infrastructure company to certify its water footprint. The certification includes all group activities internationally and includes its direct and indirect (value chain) water footprint. 

With an integrated approach, AENOR’S assessment report considers all impacts on ecosystems, effects on human health, and water-related resources, and analyzes up to 18 impact areas according to the four most internationally reputed methodologies.

In 2023, Sacyr showed even better performance results, increasing its water use efficiency beyond the goals set for 2025.  

Thanks to the output of the desalination facilities under Sacyr Water management, the company has an extremely positive balance in areas with high water stress. Sacyr continues to consistently reduce its water footprint year after year well beyond the goals set in the organization’s Strategic Plan, as demonstrated by this assessment. 

Water Positive

Results from the estimates and Water footprint certification prove that Sacyr and Sacyr Water are Water positive, thanks to the added fresh-water output by Sacyr Water-managed desalination facilities in areas with high water stress. 

Data reported and verified by Sacyr show that Water Scarcity Indicator (WSI) results are negative, hence, have a positive impact on the environment. 

Sacyr Water activities have a direct positive effect on water availability and its impact on the local communities and ecosystems

Projects such as the Cuevas de Almazora (Spain) community-based irrigation system, create wealth and food security, while at the same time improving the environment by diverting desalinated water to the water reservoir for irrigation purposes. 


Environmental conservation

This AENOR certification is proof of how important proper water management is to corporate strategies in order to preserve the environmental and social value of water, a scarce and indispensable resource for sustainable development. 

This ISO 14046 standard based AENOR certification for the calculation and assessment of the water footprint verifies the direct and indirect volume of water consumed in the process and assesses the associated environmental impacts under a life cycle analytic approach.


Focus on SDG 6

All Sacyr group initiatives in this regard aim at the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.

The company’s focus is on goals relating to the efficient use of water resources and the improvement of water quality, by reducing contamination and water dumps and increasing recycling and reuse practices. The company has a clear goal for 2025, to reduce its water footprint by 10%

Sacyr is strongly committed to water management. The company guarantees a responsible business model, mindful of planetary boundaries.

The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan defines action lines for the protection, restoration, and conservation of natural resources, with clear goals to improve governance and correct water management in its activities.


AENOR is the leading certification company in Spain that helps identify and rectify competitiveness gaps between companies, industries, and the economic actors overall, helping transform society by creating trust in organizations and people. As a global organization, AENOR develops certification, training, and inspection, validation, and verification services in 87 different countries. Currently, more than 87.000 working centers around the world have gained AENOR certificates on quality control, sustainability, safety and health at work, digitization, animal welfare, non-financial information reporting or compliance

About Sacyr

Sacyr is a global infrastructure and services company with a clear-cut focus on P3 projects with operations in 20 countries worldwide, its goal is to make society advance towards a sustainable future with innovative projects that create a positive social, economic, and environmental impact on all its stakeholders.

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